50th Young European Radio Astronomers Conference - Virtual Edition

On 24-27 August 2021, IRAM will host the virtual 50th Young European Radio Astronomers Conference (YERAC).

The YERAC is a real opportunity for graduate and doctoral students, as well as young post-doctoral researchers to meet together, present their work, tap into different radioastronomical subjects, and discuss research done by others. It is a unique combination of participant's presentations and lectures from senior scientists.

The YERAC dates are as follows:

April 6: registration opens
May 28: deadline for registration and recommendation letters
June 25: candidates receive their confirmation of participation
Aug 24-27: YERAC goes online

For more information, visit IRAM's YERAC webpage or contact the LOC: yerac@iram.fr.

I-TRAIN: Virtual training sessions with the European ARC

The European ARC Network organises I-TRAIN, a series of online, hands-on, Interactive Training in Reduction and Analysis of INterferometric data, covering a wide range of interesting topics for the ALMA community.

The frequency of training sessions is about once (or more) per month, starting December 2020. They last about one hour, including a live demo that is recorded for later view on YouTube, and interactive Q&A. More details, including zoom links, presentations, and scripts can be found in the ALMA Science Portal.

List of training sessions (from most recent to oldest):

  • 14 May 2021: Self-calibration
  • 11 March 2021: Simulating ALMA observations with the OST
  • 19 February 2021: ALMA WebLog inspection
  • 15 January 2021: UVMultiFit
  • 15 December 2020: ALMA Science Archive update and ARI-L
  • 4 December 2020: Imaging with the ALMA pipeline

IRAM mm interferometry school

IRAM periodically organizes a millimeter-interferometry school, which takes place every two years since 1998, and is attended typically by ~70 participants. The program covers the fundamentals of millimeter interferometry, including atmospheric phase correction, calibration, and imaging techniques. The NOEMA interferometer and ALMA are presented in more detail. The schools also include data reduction ("tutorials") sessions.

The 10th IRAM millimeter interferometry school was held in October 1-5th 2018 in Grenoble. You can visit the school web site for more details, as well as its presentation files.

IRAM also organizes every second year a millimeter single-dish school at the 30-m telescope. For more information on the IRAM schools please check the IRAM events web page.


Specific workshops to prepare for ALMA have also been organized in the past:

IRAM Science Software User Meeting

The meeting was organized in April 2016. Projects that were developed in the previous 5 years and the projects to be delivered in the years following the meeting were presented.
More information can be found here.