ALMA Observations & Data

ALMA docs & tools

The Documents & Tools page on the ALMA science portal lists all official ALMA documents and tools. Quick links to: Observing Tool | On-line sensitivity estimator | Splatalogue

Imaging simulations:

Local docs

ALMA tools in GILDAS

  • MAPPING software:
    • ALMA imaging simulator
    • CASA -- GILDAS filler
  • ASTRO software:
    • UV_TRACKS can be used with ALMA configurations (see on-line help, last paragraph)
    • Commands FREQUENCY, BASEBAND, SPWINDOW, PLOT to create/test correlator setups (see on-line help)

ALMA timeline (past cycles)

ALMA Cycle 6    (observations from Oct. 2018 to Sep. 2019)

ALMA Cycle 5    (observations from Oct.1st 2017 to Sep.30th 2018)

ALMA Cycle 4    (observations from Sept 30th 2016 to Sep. 28th 2017)
Delta call for ACA standalone
  • Proposals can be submitted anytime after the April 21st 2017 and until the end of cycle 4 or until the available time has been fully allocated. Call closed on May 15th 2017
Regular call
ALMA Cycle 3    (observations from Oct. 30th 2015 to Sep. 29th 2016)

ALMA Cycle 2   (observations from June 1st 2014 to Oct. 31th 2015)

ALMA Cycle 1   (observations from Jan. 1st 2013 to Dec. 31th 2013)

ALMA Cycle 0   (observations from Sept. 30th 2011 to Dec. 31th 2012)